"Supporting a family with 3 kids used to worry me; getting them a proper education, keeping them healthy. The moment I learned how to become more independent, was the moment I became stronger"

- Naomi -
Cocoa Farmer, Ghana

In West Africa, only about 5% of farmers are women. And only about 33% have some form of income generating activity*. Yet taking care of their family is often a major priority for them. Research shows that a woman’s success is a strong catalyst to the betterment of her children’s health and education**. Therefore, investing in women farmers is essential for communities to thrive.

*Sustainable Baseline Analysis conducted within 326 communities with whom Barry Callebaut implemented sustainability programs.
**United Nations Sources, World Cocoa Federation. 

Each brownie you buy makes a difference

Because - The chocolate we use in our brownies helps make a difference by:

Financing women's agroforestry training to create more female farmers and trainers, making them self-sufficient and able to diversify their income.

Giving women training in literacy, financial management and good agricultural practices so they can run their own businesses.

Raising awareness about women's rights, empowerment and gender sensitivity to strengthen their role in their community and participation in governance structures. 

Addressing the root cause of child labour because woman earning a stable income can send their children to school. 




{Source - Callebaut}

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